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About Me

Hi -- I'm Sheridan

My two greatest joys in life are writing and Montessori education. While they appear to be at opposite ends of the spectrum, the method behind each is remarkably alike. Similar to creating enticing lessons for preschoolers, copywriting requires selecting ONLY the most engaging words to hook your ideal client. When presenting a unit on oceans, it’s easy to print off a bunch of generic worksheets about ocean life. It’s a totally different story to have children engrossed in mixing blue and green paint to create the right color for THEIR underwater world. This is exactly why hiring a professional copywriter is so important to help your business grow. I use strategic, custom copy to target your audience and keep them coming back for more.

My background in public relations for luxury jewelry and Montessori education enables me to infuse your product with fresh, transformative copy that will keep your clients EXCITED.

About Me: About Me

My Story

Behind the Words

My love and appreciation for beauty began in the velvet cases of Cartier, 

but found roots in the rich soil of a garden in England 

tended to by children.

Life took an unexpected detour. 

Writing luxury jewelry campaigns in a New York skyrise wearing stilettos, 

and then, 

wandering along a cobblestone street in an English village.

No schedule, no deadlines and definitely no stilettos!

As I despaired over my Jimmy Choo’s in the closet, 

I looked up to observe children gardening behind an old, stone church.

Weeding. Planting. Watering……joyfully!

While I had no idea at the time, these children demonstrated the Montessori philosophy of beauty and respect for their environment.

Something triggered in my brain and my purpose was clear. 

My designer wardrobe was replaced 

by yoga pants, sneakers and tee shirts 

that welcomed the smudge of sticky fingers.

My passion for writing has always been to engage all learners to the beauty around them.  

Being a part of a worldwide Montessori community I learned

to break down information 

step by step

 with an end goal of deep understanding.

The goal is always connection…then break it down to build:

Knowledge….leave them wanting more.

Trust…deliver a product that solves.

Confidence…increase engagement and develop loyalty.

About Me: About Me
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How Do You Measure...

An Early Childhood Career?


1,296,100 minutes

1,296,100 moments in time

1,296,100 minutes

How do you measure an Early Childhood career?

In words

In songs

In pictures of smiley faces

In hugs

In love

and afternoon chases.

1,296,100 minutes

How do you measure an Early Childhood career?


About Me: About Me
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