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Gem Voyager Updated Website.png

Website Copy for Luxury Jewelry Designer

Description: Internationally based Upscale Jewelry Designer needed copy for About Me page.

Objective: To attract clients who want unique, bespoke jewelry and personalized service with an experienced gemologist.

Solution: I highlighted the key benefits and personalized the copy so that the target audience could connect with the designer and see how bespoke jewelry is within reach.


As a treasure trove of gems and jewellery, Gem Voyager  encompasses your vision into a timeless jewel. Working in Asia for over 20 years in all facets of the business gave me exceptional perspective into customer service and jewellery design. If you are looking for ethically sourced stones, guaranteed authenticity and timeless beauty, look no further than Gem Voyager.

Jewellery is meant to be worn and admired. 

My clients come from a variety of backgrounds, but they share a common thread – 

  • Desire for unique, one-of kind and bespoke jewels recognised for their eye-catching ingenuity. 

  • Specialised attention, found only in houses of haute couture, to clients with exceptional taste. 

You are the canvas for wearable, timeless art, and when you showcase yourself with pieces that hold meaning, you glow with happiness  and evoke confidence.

Want to learn more?


The Beginning

Like many children, exploring my mother’s dressing room was a favourite pastime. The day I spotted an Indian silver box encrusted with tumbled amethyst stones spinning like beads on an abacus, changed my life. I was mesmerised by their beauty as they caught the light and sparkled.  As the daughter of a prominent socialite, I observed my mother’s impeccable fashion sense.  Hello Bill Blass, Oscar De La Renta and Emilio Pucci! My mother not only wore cutting edge fashion to exclusive social gatherings, but she had the perfect jewellery to compliment and complete the look. Most gifts are meant to be kept and cherished, but when my mother gave me a parcel of marquise-shaped diamonds when I was 16, I fervently set about designing earrings in the style of Harry Winston. Upon completion, I gifted them back to her and she promised to wear them out to all the posh gatherings and tell everyone I was the designer.

The Journey

My passion for jewellery emerged from this colourful backdrop, and eventually catapulted me into the world of rare and priceless gems. Sotheby’s offered countless opportunities to handle exclusive collections from around the world under a team of renowned specialists. Never could I have dreamed my pieces would one day be scrutinised and sold by those very same gem specialists under whom I developed a discerning eye for quality and beauty. I am honoured  now to call them personal friends with whom I consult. My interest  for precious stones merged with timeless innovation at Maison de Van Cleef & Arpels, and eventually inspired me to step out and start designing my own collections.

The Destination

Gem Voyager is the culmination of my chic and stylish mother, credentials from the world’s leading gemmological institutions and of course, my mixed Eurasian heritage. Just like my designs, the nature of creativity is spontaneous and free. For me, inspiration originates from beauty in nature and extraordinary architecture. When the two merge, exceptional jewellery  comes to life and people can’t help but wonder where you got it. Recently, on the silky, glowing beaches of The Maldives, my son picked up a white shell with a beautiful gray spiral in the center. This simple creation by the magnificent waves of the Indian Ocean inspired me to transform it into a pendant. I added tiny diamonds which dangle delicately like the stars in the vast sky overhead. 

My guarantee is that my jewellery will capture your individual story and make it a magical memory you will treasure.  Insight and ideas reveal themselves to me as I turn stones over between my fingers and work closely with my clients, whose intention it is, to have their jewellery turn heads in curiosity and wonder.

Allow me to accompany you on your jewellery journey by listening, designing and revealing your unique story.

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Couch Ad.jpg

Facebook Marketplace Ad -- Sectional Sofa

Description: The target audience for this real ad are people who need seating for large groups. That would include both families and people who entertain.

Objective: The family was moving in a few days and needed to sell the couch quickly over a washed out, rainy, Memorial Day Weekend at a fair price. 

Solution: Ad was written and posted on Facebook Marketplace & local yard sale sites on Facebook at midnight on Friday. 


SOLD and picked up within 24 hours without any negotiation at full price ($1500).


I really enjoyed reading this whole description and the attention to detail and I now want to buy it…I truly have no room right now, but it is such a steal. Showing the boyfriend when he wakes up.

-Lauren G.

I don’t need this, but I enjoyed your post.

-Heidi B.

Great Job with the description! If I were closer, I would surely be sold! Good luck with your move.

-Brittani W.





Sold at full price within 24 hours


It’s a bird…….It’s a plane……NO….

It’s a SUPER-Sectional!!!

This sectional from Ashley furniture is all you will ever need for easy entertaining.

We are a family of 9 who have enjoyed our Enola sectional immensely.

This super sectional comfortably seats 7 + teenagers, but ALL 9 of us can fit on it and happily watch a 2-hour movie. We are moving, and sadly cannot take it with us to our new home.

This super soft sectional will accommodate:

  • your whole family, or

  • your kids' boy scout troop, or

  • the soccer team, or

  • even an all-adult gathering!

Places for everyone to:

  • sit comfortably solo (don’t we all have one person in the family who doesn’t want to graze elbows with their neighbor?)

  • sit in a group

  • sprawl out

  • simply recline

What about my guests?

  • Overnight guest? No Problem.

  • No need to unpack a pullout and disrupt the whole living area.

This super sectional can easily accommodate your 5’10 guest….or two 5’0 guests!

Why not just go to Ashley furniture and buy one brand new?

  • This one is practically new (less than 2 years old)

But it’s still not brand new ……

  • Well………there is a loooooong wait…’s temporarily out of stock at Ashley because it’s a BEST SELLER. 

  • So, if you want it in several months, check out Ashley Furniture, but if you need it NOW, your super sectional is ready for its forever home.

But wait….there’s more!

The ottoman is seating in itself…..and also temporarily unavailable at the store :(

This amazing memory piece retails for $2805

  • Sectional: $2,380

  • Ottoman: $425

This BEAUTY can be yours to make a lifetime of memories, watch a TON of movies, stay up late and play endless video games and then pass out.

$1500  to come and get her!

Cheetos-Sweepstakes copy.jpg

Spec Landing Webpage for Cheetos College Contest

Description: For this Spec Landing page, the target audience is hungry college students.

Objective: The objective is to convince college students to enter their email address to enter the Cheetos University Giveaway.

Solution: I researched the brand voice for Cheetos to develop a bold, exciting and cheeky message on point with the company’s tone.

Design By: Michael Hockenbury

Write This Way

Spec Ad Email for Extra-Efficient Motor Oil

Description: For this Spec Email page, the target audience is men ages 35-50 who own expensive and/or performance automobiles.

Objective: The objective is to increase awareness of the product and drive purchases.

Solution: I interviewed several car enthusiasts to develop the main benefits they are looking for and developed a brand voice that is both serious and promotional.

Design By: Michael Hockenbury


Spec Ad Email for Macy's Men Fall Sweater Event

Description: For this Spec Email page, the target audience is men ages 20-35 who are motivated by savings, convenience and style.

Objective: The objective is to drive men to stores and increase the fall sweater revenue on a specific weekend.

Solution: I researched the Macy’s brand voice and how it has evolved over the past few years. I developed a message that is urgent, but also clever and casual which is in line with the target audience.

Design By: Michael Hockenbury

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